Sunday, 30 August 2015

A week for seeing Beardie dogs! And keeping a new bike secret from her who must be obeyed......

First there was Brodie the Beardie pup who happens to be stone deaf but very happy with life!

Then there was Maggie, also a Beardie who was fascinated with a piece of wood!

Her, who must be obeyed, ain't very good at cycling up small inclines!

Now looking over Loch Leven which we cycled round (at snail's pace) today.

My new steed, a Giant Anthem 29er which henceforth will be known as Anthea, mainly because I couldn't think of anything better.

I've done the deed and gone down the 29er road and bought Anthea, so far she's lived up to all expectations and more. The next problem is selling one of my 26ers and convincing her indoors that all I've done is put a pair of bigger wheels on an existing bike. I think I might just get away with this, if not I'm leaving the country........
155 miles this week by the way......

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