Saturday, 3 October 2015

Last 2 weeks have seen the best weather of the year!

The 2nd of October and the trails are bone dry, this doesn't happen too often in this neck of the woods!

Top of the Goat Track and it was so warm I had to stop and mop my sweaty brow!

This weather is all going to come to a horrible rainy, windy end but the last two weeks have been probably the best of the summer for mountain biking in Scotland, at least up in the Pentland Hills where I do the majority of mine. I always know when it's going to rain as a track near me which has very deep puddles eventually dries up more or less guaranteeing rain within a couple of days! That's all very well but at this time of year when it starts to rain it quite often doesn't know when to stop.
Anyways off out tomorrow morning as it's still forecast dry for a day or two!

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