Monday, 12 October 2015

Heilan coos (Highland cattle) up the Pentland hills

Wouldn't like a poke in the backside from one of these horns!

This photo was taken on Thursday when you could see for miles.

This was Sunday morning and we were shrouded in mist

Down from the summit of Allermuir we came across the Highland cattle chewing the cud (or whatever they do while they're lying down)!

This one even poses for close ups!

Clive's not quite so sure about the bull though!

Clive and I did a shortish ride on Sunday morning up Castlelaw then Allermuir before descending by Boghall. The highlight was on the descent from the summit of Allermuir when we came out of the mist and almost ran into a small herd of Highland cattle lying in a sheltered spot.Although they look bloody fierce they're remarkably docile though we didn't try any matador tactics to annoy them.A good mornings cycle which also included a feast of blackberries down a field track near Boghall Farm, just the thing to start the day with!

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