Saturday, 14 November 2015

Baz's first 20+ mile ride since his injury

Clive and I went along to bike with Baz today from his house, one reason was the weather forecast which is diabolical for our normal Sunday ride tomorrow and the other was physiological he still expects his achilles to go snap as the slightest bit of pressure is exerted on them! Nothing drastic was attempted, probably the most extreme was the crappy little descent pictured above!

It doesn't seem only a week or so ago that we were dressed in shorts and T shirts, full length waterproofs are the order of the day now with temperatures having dropped by 10 degrees C

An easy bit of pedalling along the Union Canal through Linlithgow.

22.5 miles done this morning and while it wasn't particularly demanding it was big step in Baz's fight back to fitness! I managed another 14 miles after I got home when I got invited out for a bike ride with Kathy and Graeme who was on his new bike. It seemed rude to refuse and it also took my weekly mileage up to 115 miles!!

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