Monday, 23 November 2015

Baz moves up to a 30+ mile ride! And the weather's getting worse....

Early last week I was confronted with this flooding on a back road on my way back home

Baz, Clive and me out on another Baz rehabilitation ride on the back roads of Midlothian

Gladhouse Reservoir looking remarkably bleak with the Moorfoot Hills looking even bleaker in the background.

At one time Baz would have come down this like a flash, but these days he's pre-occupied with his injured achilles!

Out with Kathy today and she discovered what a wet greasy root can do to your stability, full marks though for lying on the wet ground till I got a photo taken of her crash!

She opted out of crashing in the river crossing and went for the push round the side, pity because it would have been an even better picture!

Another week of strong winds and heavy rain with a little bit of snow and ice flung in to add to the mix. Baz continues his fight back to fitness, I'm currently enjoying leaving him for dead on any climbs we do but I've no doubt revenge will be fully administered in due course. Through all the rubbish weather of the last week I did however manage just short of 130 miles to stay on course for the magic 5200 by the end of the year. 

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