Tuesday, 3 November 2015

From bright blue skys to near freezing fog, that's November in Scotland

Out with Clive to visit the mini Kelpies which are outside the Royal Dick Veterinary College in the Bush Estate, quite spectacular illuminated in blue. The red light at Clives rear end belongs to his bike and isn't a flash of inspiration from his tea-time curry!! 

Out with Kathy through the day on Monday and she did her maiden crash into a grassy ditch, in actual fact she managed another four before the ride was over!

Going east along Hare Hill with the Pentland Skyline in the background, it's more like the middle of summer than the 1st of November.

It's gone from bright sunshine to thick fog in a couple of days since the week-end, but that's nothing new for Scotland, the latest nonsense in the newspapers is that we've to have 100 days of snow and the worst winter for 50 years. We get this every year at this time so I suppose eventually they'll get it right! Anyway, make hay while the sun shines and it's shining not too bad just now (when it's not foggy!)

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