Sunday, 20 December 2015

Bazs' fight back to fitness continues

This was Baz 6 months ago, both achilles snapped, sewn back on to his calf muscles again and consigned to wearing moon boots for about 7 weeks, he'd have been better with broken legs!

Friday morning and it's Bazs' first ride back up the Pentlands, admittedly not a tough one but still 1k feet of climbing, we're getting there slowly but surely!

This morning, Sunday, and we go a little further but not too far! Don't want the same thing to happen again!
It's been a long 6 months for Baz since he somehow or other managed to snap both achilles simultaneously while playing badminton, quite an achievement apparently doing both at the same time. Now he's back on the bike again, the badminton racquets having been binned and slowly trying to build up his calf muscles which presently resemble a pair of water filled balloons. Another 2 months should see a big difference and we'll start to go off road and on to the harder stuff again.  

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