Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Years target reached!

The Forth Road Bridge which is currently being stitched back together again with Meccano and Lego. Just this side of it is the new bridge which should be open in 2016 as long as it doesn't develop any faults before then! Maybe we should start on another bridge in a couple of years just in case. The old railway bridge has now been working away for about 150 years which just goes to show how the builders then failed to realise that a new bridge every few years could help to solve the unemployment problem in Scotland.....

Sunday morning and its -4 C but the view is stunning from the top of the shelter belt

Clive and me trying to look warm (and failing)

Baz casts his engineers eye over the car less Forth Road Bridge as he tries to come up with a solution to its problem that wont cost any more than £3 trillion.

Kathy looks down at what appears to be molten marmalade but is in fact the overflow from Threapmuir Reservoir as a result of last weekends torrential rain.

The years target of 5200 miles has come and gone, passed last Wednesday afternoon. Mishap of the week has to be the Garmin starting to play up and refusing to upload its data, that's going to get a serious talking to or it's in the bin!

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