Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What a year that was!

2nd last ride of 2015 and I'd manage to reach 5500 miles for the year and Kathy produced some numbered candles to mark the occasion, I can now reveal that when she handed me the number 5, I thought it was a cake and nearly took a bite out of it!

Baz getting back into some mountain biking again after snapping both achilles back in June, it's been a long haul but he's getting there.

This photo was taken just a day or so before Baz had his accident, good job you don't know what's just round the corner sometimes.

Stolen in September by some slime bag from my garage, a lot of good rides and memories on this bike which I'd built up myself.

Slime bag stole this one at the same time, chained to the other one with a motor bike security chain, I'd done the Strathpuffer on this little beauty!

The theft of my two 26ers had one good result however, I replaced them with an Anthem 29er and never looked back, 29ers were built to ride the Pentland Hills on!

First snow of the winter in November, but it didn't last long

Kathy, who I've done a lot of biking with this year, full of fun, full of energy and going to leave me in her wake before too long, hope to do a lot more in 2016!

One of my favourite bits of track in the Pentland Hills, especially on a day like this.

A long week-end in Northern Ireland with Mark, Dougie, Dylan and Neil and more alcohol consumed than can possibly be good for anyone, but a laugh a minute!

Christmas Day up the Pentlands with Clive Kathy and Graeme, which was very appropriate as I spend nearly every day up there!
2015 has come and nearly gone, if 2016 is half as good it'll be fantastic, what I look forward to next year is Baz back to full fitness, more biking with Clive, Dougie, Mark and Marc and more Pentathons with Kathy! Happy New Year! 

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