Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A bit of frost,a bit of rain, a bit of snow......then rain again!

Out without spikers on and feeling a bit nervous as I come across the odd patch of ice!

Plenty of room to avoid the ice on this bit of track

Clive and me out on Saturday this time with the bikes with spikers fitted, and they were needed.

Out with Kathy on Monday and it was tricky going in wet snow with soft greasy ground underneath as demonstrated by her "technical dismount"!

She was unaffected by her off to demonstrate her weight lifting abilities!

I had to copy this show of strength but was going a bit red in the face as I did!

A week of contrasting ground conditions from firm going with a touch of frost to wet snow and soft underneath to just plain wet and greasy, but Scotland never fails to surprise me with its almost daily change of weather and riding conditions, I don't think I'd honestly enjoy every day being hot and dusty.............well maybe I would when I think a bit more about it! 

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