Monday, 18 January 2016

A bit more like real winter weather last week!

Saturday, and Clive and me are bound for the hills in the background

First climb over and it's time to admire the view for a second or so.

We attempted the climb to West Kip from here but the snow was just too deep and difficult to cycle through so we turned back. 

Sunday morning, and a Baz rehabilitation run, and everyone was spiked up, it would have been impossible without them.

A rocky outcrop with a spectacular display of icicles.

As far a we went on Sunday, Clive appears to be begging for a bit further!

Earlier in the week Clive had another go on his rollers which had ended in disaster the first time he tried and this time to both his and my surprise he was successful!

A good weeks biking nearly all on the spikers due to ground conditions, without them broken bones were a distinct possibility. Mishap of the week was me coming off at near zero speed when my rear derailleur jammed for some reason and I went down like a felled tree. I think I've possibly cracked a rib but in the interests of personal safety and an extreme ear bashing I've kept these details from "her indoors"! Better to suffer in silence than to be reminded frequently of my stupidity biking in adverse conditions. Anyway I've done it before and it heals fairly quickly. 

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