Sunday, 31 January 2016

That's the first month come and gone and it's been a wet one

Mid-week and the rain hadn't long stopped pouring down when I took this, it would have been a brave man who tried to cycle over this bit today!

The first snowdrops I've seen this year, they looked a bit on the timid side, frightened to show their face!

Saturday and the spikers were back out as Clive and I went in search of fallen trees after Storm Gertrude.

Another bites the dust and it's Storm Henry that's due to hit us on Monday, I'll be glad when we get through the alphabet and it's all over

Out this morning for the last ride of the month and pretty miserable weather it was too!

January's over and somehow or other I managed 496 miles off road in what's been the wettest January on record. It's gone from mild and wet to freezing and hellishly wet with the occasional bit of snow and ice flung in to keep us on our toes, bring on February it cant be any worse (maybe!)

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