Sunday, 7 February 2016

I suppose one good day in the week is doing okay for Scotland!

The start of the serious climbing, but look at that sky after the weather we've had lately!

The bottom of Strava segment "geronimo" and the gales last week have flattened a whole line of fir trees

Black Springs and unbelievably the sun's still shining!

I put down the camera on delay and had to nip smartish back to get on the bike for this shot, quite like it though!

Gerharts Gate, named after a wee green gecko we spotted here two or three years back on a really warm summers day!

The compulsory photo taken at "the best view in the Pentlands"!

Wednesday last week turned out to be the best day of the year so far and after missing two whole days due to gales and heavy rain I took advantage of it with a 5 hour ride in the Pentland Hills, just meandering about on various tracks taking photos every so often. The difference was this morning again when Clive and I went out to be battered by gale force winds and frozen rain. At least when we eventually turned we had it in our backs for a while at least. 20 miles were needed this morning for my weekly 100 miles and we managed to achieve it though it looked pretty doubtful for a spell!

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