Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A few mishaps but the weather's improved at least!

Out today, Wednesday, and this is the start of the trail through Bluebell Wood.

A bit further in, there's no bluebells yet though!

The start of another techy little bit of trail further on.

One man and his hawk......a Harrier Hawk to be precise!

The past week has seen a few mishaps but not all concerning me! The first one did when I managed to go straight over the bars in front of the only hill walker within 3 miles! The irony is I've done the ditch crossing a hundred times without crashing but chose to do it right in front of a lady out on a hill walk, talk about being embarrassed!
The next mishap was Kathys, whose tubeless rear tyre decided to go flat probably because the sealant had dried up, anyway after the third or so pump up  it stayed hard to we got home and topped it up with some more.
The third mishap was Dougie's, he went out on his brand new shiny cross bike and somehow or other managed to break the rear derailleur hanger, by luck I had just logged on to facebook as he put a distress call and was able to go and pick him and the bike up.
The weather on the other hand has taken a turn for the better with the wind more or less gone and sun, would you believe, shining throughout the day, how long can this last???

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