Monday, 15 February 2016

Walking the dog and riding your bike....not easy to combine the two!

Saturday and the weathers pretty hellish but I needed a few miles to try and reach my weekly target! 

Out with Clive on Sunday afternoon and it was definitely spiker conditions!

Up in the hills with the snow clouds threatening behind us.

The river crossing, as far as we went, I had to get back to walk Bazs' dog!

Baz was off to warmer climes for a week, Lanzarote, so his dog Rebus was holidaying with me! Trying to combine dog walking and still finding time in the pretty crap weather to get the miles in to reach the weekly target proved quite difficult and didn't look possible mid-week but after a fall of snow the weather actually improved and with the aid of the ice spikers the target was reached (and the dog was walked as well), in actual fact I managed more miles than the two previous weeks! Rebus the dog is now back home with his owner and truth to say I miss the little bugger even though he didn't do a thing I told him! The welcome each morning more than made up for his disobedience though!

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