Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kathy's Pentland Solstice Triathlon

Final practise of the biking circuit for the triathlon and the weather was on the cool side for the height of summer!

The water crossing would be a good place to get ahead of the opposition (if any!) and Kathy had a couple of goes through it to make sure she got her line right, into the bargain it was deeper than usual due to the recent heavy rain so if you came off it was early bath time!

The bike's in position in the transition area and all that's to do is somehow struggle into that tight neoprene wetsuit! 

All wetsuited up and dipping a toe into Threipmuir Reservoir to test the temperature before the open water swim

The contestants all ready for the start, looking like a herd(?) of bright green capped seals in their wetsuits!

Kathy came out the water after the swim visibly relieved that that part was over and the biking and running were next

She didn't have a smile like this on her face before the swimming, it's easy to see she's going to enjoy the biking!

Coming in at the end of the run and it's smiles all the way!

The print out with Kathys times, now she knows what she's to work on for next year!

Kathy and I have been practising the biking circuit for the Pentland Solstice Triathlon for months now and to be honest we could probably do it blindfold we've been round it so many times, but eventually the moment of truth arrived last night and for somebody who couldn't ride up a kerb a year or so ago she's come on a long way. The swimming was always going to be her weak bit and so it turned out to be, but once on the bike she turned into the blond demon and powered round making up time and position, passing men and women!
The running part was a "walk in the park" (excuse the feeble pun) and she came home with a her usual huge grin from ear to ear!
I like to think I helped in some small part with the biking and thank goodness it's all over so we can explore some of the different tracks up the Pentlands instead of grinding round the same one!! 

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