Sunday, 12 June 2016

Could this be the start of a new sport for me......I wish it could but I doubt it!

Wednesday night and we did the hike a bike to the top of West Kip for the first time in exactly a year

Clive, on top of the world!

A good action picture of Mark on the Torduff descent, these i phone multi shots are brilliant for this !

Me encased in neoprene, almost too tight to move and about to scare the living daylights out of any fish in Threipmuir Reservoir as I thrashed about in it

I think this looks mighty impressive, considering the water isn't as deep as it looks!

The Brownlie your hearts out!!!!!

Back to reality today, Sunday, The weather can only be described as "pretty hellish" but at least the trails aren't overcrowded when its as wet as it was this morning!

Kathy convinced me (I didn't need much persuasion) that I should give open water swimming a go as she had a loan of a wet suit which would fit me. My swimming is on a par with Stephen Hawkings sprinting, so no records were going to be broken but the experience was one not to be forgotten even if I swallowed a fairish bit of Threipmuir Reservoir in the process. If only I could get this breathing sorted out and stopped trying to breathe in when my head was under water!!
A good week all round with nearly 140 miles off road and about 50 meters under water!

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