Sunday, 17 July 2016

Black Hill seems to dominate my life just now!

After a hard climb up a grassy field you're faced with the long track to the summit of Black Hill, this was Wednesday night's trip up with Craig on his second mtb ride after heart surgery taking his life in his hands with Dougie, Baz and me!

A panoramic view with the new i phone about half way up the track.

Today, Sunday, and I took a different descent from Clive and Baz, which included a fairish bit of near vertical hike a bike descending through heather, I reached the path before them and took a few photos.

At last they appeared, still not having found the track down we originally set out to look for!

A biscuit break before the climb up to West Kip.

Black Hill has taken over my life recently ever since we found the true start to the track up to the top of the ruddy thing! Annoyingly for Baz I set a time on the climb on Thursday night which he wasn't able to beat today, albeit the fact I didn't set too fast a pace up to start with and left him with too much to do near the end when he broke away!! I sometimes think that I really am a crafty old so and so!
A good week of biking even though that's two tracks down from the summit that show on the maps that we've been unable to find, I can see this going on for a week or two yet!  

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