Sunday, 10 July 2016

After about 18 months we went back to Glentress to ride the trails

Half way up the black trail at Glentress and Baz and I stop for a selfie

We met these guys from Hartlepool, one of whom had a top of the range e-bike which he kindly allowed us to have a go on

I only went about 50 yards but some day this will be my next bike!!

Wednesday night and Dougie and I came across "Yorick" as we christened him had obviously be there for some time, but his bike was still in good nick!

A view on Tuesday night as Mark and I went up the track at Black Hill

Baz and I paid a visit to Glentress on Saturday, the first time for about a year and a half and still found the climb to the mast on the black route no easier than it was before! We threw in a bit of the red route as well before calling into the cafe where we met some guys up from Hartlepool, one of whom gave us a quick go on his high tech e-bike, which even had sat nav included! I'm starting to think seriously that this is definitely the bike for old age!
The killer climb up Black Hill was done 4 times by me this week and I can honestly say it never gets any easier. Over 120 miles off road and nearly 13000 feet of climbing this week, I'll sleep well tonight!

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