Sunday, 3 July 2016

Local sheep rescued by gallant mountain bikers!!!!

Stranded on its back and by the look of the sheep purls at its backside it had been like that for some considerable time, but never fear, rescue is near! This Blackface ewe was lucky, there's not much traffic up this track and when we reached it I don't think it would have lasted too much longer! It had to be held for a good few minutes till it regained its sense of balance and when I did let it go it gave a good impression of a drunkard on his way home after a heavy nights drinking!

Feeling a bit better but probably got a stinking hangover!

Back with its mates and with a story to tell how it was rescued from certain death(?) by two mountain bikers!!

Baz puts the story on Facebook, nothing like a bit of bragging to make you feel better!!
Wednesday night and five of us went to the top of Black Hill, a 1.5 mile steep climb but tremendous views once you're up there, and a good descent back down again to Dens Cleugh.

Unfortunately Mark bit the dust, or was it mud, for the second week running, it's going to be interesting to see what next Wednesday night brings!!

Just made it over the 100 miles this week, the weather has been pretty horrible, or is that just average Scottish summer weather? Anyway an improvement would be welcome!!

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