Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ending the week on a high.....quite high!

First stop, predictably, for Baz was the toilets at the Squirrel car park at Glentress!

The top of the Black route at Glentress and time to show a bit of leg...

About half way down the ridiculously fast 2.5 mile descent to Leithen Water

Couldn't help but admire the flower bed display as Baz nipped into a cafe in Innerleithen for a buttered scone with raspberry jam (and very tasty it was!) 

A biscuit stop at the cairn before the final descent to Gypsy Glen and Peebles

Me trying to look fresh after some hard climbing!

This was some of the hard climbing, up fairly steep grassy tracks, note the helmet removed, it was quite warm, even for Scotland!

For Baz's birthday ride he chose the Glentress, Innerleithen, Gypsy Glen loop back to Peebles where we'd started from just after 7 this morning. The climb to the mast at Glentress is hard and it was good to have it interupted when we met Craig who'd been out with us a week or two back. The descent from the mast down to Leithen Water is manic with the odd sheep dicing with death by running across in front of the bikes! After a stop at Innerleithen where I managed to convince Baz that a greasy bacon roll was no good for a couple of highly trained athletes (?) with still a lot of hard climbing to do he opted for a raspberry jam scone and sportingly shared it with me! The climb up first of all grassy tracks and then rough rocky ones is worth it for the final descent down through Gypsy Glen into Peebles. Much better than a birthday party in a pub with a sore head the next day!!

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