Sunday, 18 September 2016

One day repairing a dropper post, next day using my own one on the descent to the Howe on greasy grass

Clive's dropper post which had lost pressure and needed a rebuild with a new seal kit. After studying you tube and buying some essential tools for the job it was rebuilt successfully.  

I used to drive a combine harvester at harvest time many years ago but nothing as sophisticated as this one!

This morning and top of Castlelaw cottage climb just as the sun comes up.

Time for a biscuit halfway up the valley from the Howe.

Ready to start the descent to the Howe on the Kirk Road, it gets a bit greasy on the grass further down.

Baz is off, but not off the bike!

The mare we haven't seen for a month or so and standing beside her is the not Baz!!!

A good weeks riding and repairing! Clive's dropper post was eventually put back together again after a few vital parts were acquired and the week finished on a high, literally with the trip over the Kirk Road track.

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