Sunday, 2 October 2016

After howling winds and heavy rain the week finished on a high

Monday, and out with Baz who's on holiday and I managed to fall into the muddiest puddle we saw all day!

Tuesday and no biking, instead Clive and I barrowed 4 tons of top soil round to his back garden then raked it level and had it sown with grass seed before you could say "mountain bike" 

Wednesday and the weather's looking grim for the weekly Wednesday bike ride so the rear mud hugger was fitted back on.....till the Spring! 

A new helmet to fix the lights to for the night time biking

Wednesday evening and though it might not look it it's blowing a gale and the rain's pelting down.

Friday and things have calmed down a bit and it's out with Kathy, the birthday girl!

A sunny smile on a sunny day!

After servicing the forks I did a test ride and went along to the graffiti flyover where I saw this fish which I thought looked remarkably like the sacked England football manager, Sam Allardyce!

This morning, Sunday, and hardly a puff of wind or a cloud in the sky but it was bloody chilly!

Baz and me admiring the view just after sunrise

Baz on the way up....

Oh dear he's gone into reverse and had to bail out!

Baz was under the impression he was flying like a bird over this drop, but the camera doesn't lie....he's dropping like a stone!!

After a week that started not too bad things deteriorated mid week into pretty horrendous weather but by the weekend had miraculously improved to near perfect, The weekly 100 miles weekly target looked to be in doubt but somehow I managed it with 2 or 3 miles to spare, another good weeks biking!

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