Sunday, 25 September 2016

Autumns arrived, who put out the lights?

Monday, and the weather's brilliant and the tracks are bone dry.

Kathy doing her model pose beside the mare and, as I managed to discover, the filly foal.

When I eventually move on to an e-bike I might struggle to lift it over this barbed wire fence.

That track is a helluva lot steeper than this photo makes out!

The wall crossing...though it's not really much of a challenge any more

Baz thinks I should enter this for the Turner Prize, probably in the most pointless picture slot 

And finally, today trying to prove we've still got "it"...but I doubt "it"!

The equinox came and went mid week and suddenly the nights seemed to start quicker and the temperature drop by several degrees but the tracks still remain in good nick and with the forecast reasonable for the week ahead there's no reason to keep my mileage on track for the 6000 off road miles before the end of the year, it's presently standing at just over 4800 so there's still a bit of pedalling to do!

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