Sunday, 16 October 2016

Looking for the Pentland Hills WW2 plane crash site

The brass plaque someone had made with the names of the four German airmen who lost their lives when their plane crashed into Hare Hill in the Pentland Hills in March 1943

All that remains from the crash 73 years ago.

Kathy had heard that there had been a German bomber that had crashed on Hare Hill in the Pentland Hills returning from a bombing raid in 1943 and that there was a small memorial of sorts commemorating this, so armed with a rough description of where it was we set off on Friday morning to try and find it. First we biked to the summit of Hare Hill and then with our information started our search down the North side cycling down sheep tracks through the heather. After half an hour or so Kathy came on it, it's hardly a war memorial as such but it does remember four young men who lost their lives for their country and demonstrates the futility of war.  A quick bit of googling reveals more information about the event.

On a lighter note the filly foal continues to grow and become more curious about alternative modes of transport. 

A feeble attempt to reconstruct the bike on the railing on the bridge that Danny MacKaskill cycled over in his latest video "A Wee Day Out"

Danny somehow cycled up one side of the roof of this building, over the top and then down the other side to somehow or other land uninjured on the grassy slope at the bottom, I;m assured no bikes were destroyed in this adventure.

Another good week weather wise and an interesting one looking for the crashed plane site, I just hope the site is left undisturbed and probably because it's so remote it probably will be.

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