Sunday, 23 October 2016

Saving sheep, brakes failing, rear shocks deflating....just another normal week on the mountain bike

A great start to the week with blue skies and light winds

This is the fourth sheep I've saved from certain death this year, stuck on its back in a hollow in the heather and un-noticed by two hill walkers who passed by a few minutes before I came across it.

After holding it steady for about ten minutes during which time it repeatably broke wind to get rid of the gas in its stomach it staggered off like a drunk man after a heavy night at the pub!

A week with a varied content,what with sheep rescuing and then being out with Baz who'd made a complete cock up of changing his brake pads with the result he ended up doing about 20 miles with only a front brake to Clive today who discovered after a mile or so that he had no air in his rear shock! Without a shock pump in our back packs it looked all over but to his credit he kept going and we managed 25 miles,(he's probably wrecked his rear shock!!)
Never a dull moment with my mates (and sheep!) 

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