Sunday, 30 October 2016

New inventions and the "potato test"

This is the chaos that is my garage/workshop but many a crazy invention and repair has taken place among the debris that clutters it up.

This is the latest,,,,the Mudhugger de Lux Extension developed (?) after much wind tunnel testing (?) and about 5 minutes of hacksawing and drilling, but it works which is the main thing and kept Baz's butt muck free on its trial run on Saturday!
Saturday saw Baz and me do Allermuir summit via Boghall and a bloody hard sticky mud climb it was with Baz giving a good account of himself and proving he's fully recovered from his double achilles rupture.

Friday and Baz, Clive and me were out with Brexit once again being the argument of the day, Clive bravely trying to convince us two that we should think again about leaving Europe but failing dismally with his reasons for this. Anyway we agreed to differ and didn't come to blows over it which is more than can be said for some of the politicians in Brussels!

Baz stands on the podium and declares himself the victor in the leave or remain debate!
The potato test was a test Baz and me devised to test the speed a dropper post comes back up from the fully down position, we'd serviced his Gravity Turbo Dropper Post and when it was fully down we sat a potato on the seat and activated the post. The potato shot about 3 feet in the air and raised fears as to what the seat would do to anyones crown jewels should they come in contact with this lethal weapon, subsequent tests with Rock Shox Reverbs etc have given much gentler results, I for one wouldn't like to get in the way of the Gravity Dropper, it would knock your testicles into your tonsils if you weren't careful. 

Nearly up to last years total mileage, only 23 miles to go and still 2 months left this year!

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