Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Kirk Road twice in a week!

A fascination with the Kirk Road over the Pentlands this week, and the information on the sign at the start of the track makes it clear that religion played a much more important part in peoples lives than it does now!

Monday forenoon and the weather was fantastic so a trip up the Kirk Road which hadn't been done much recently seemed a good way to go for a bit of climbing, and hike-a-biking!

Met this filly foal on the return leg, its been somewhere else for a month and it hasn't half grown in that time.

Today, Sunday,and its not as sunny as last Monday but the Kirk Road beckoned for Baz and Me this morning, this is Baz as we set off from the start of the track.

Before we reached the Kirk Road we were treated to a fantastic sky over West Kip that lasted about 5 minutes until the sun must have disappeared behind a grey cloudy sky. 

Nearly home Baz attempted to throw leaves in the air in the assumption that I would capture the essence of Autumn with the phones was a dismal failure!

Over 130 miles this week in weather that's been pretty varied from heavy rain to light frost but without too much wind so on the whole reasonable to bike in.

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