Sunday, 20 November 2016

What idiot smashed a bottle on the cycle path?

No it's not Scotland and it's not a mountain bike themed photo, it's my eldest , who's on a trip round the world, taking part in the San Fransisco park run with the Golden gate bridge as the backdrop! He certainly wouldn't be running in that outfit beside us just now! 

All the leaves are brown...and the sky is grey etc.

Quite like this photo, possibly because I just managed to make it back onto the bike after I started the self timer.

Friday morning, a dusting of snow and the temperature's below zero C

A bit further on and a bit of care needed with ice on the path here and there.

Getting harder to find the motivation to go up them hills as the temperature falls below freezing nearly all day, but with Baz as a co rider we went out last night,Saturday, and did a biggish ride up the Pentlands to Hare Hill summit and back. Apart from the odd skid on patches of ice the only real mishap was 2 miles from home on the cycle path when I managed to ride over glass from a broken bottle and put a slit into the front tyre. Thankfully the tyres are tubeless and sealed with Stans Race Sealant which is sort of heavy duty sealant and apart from ejaculating a spray of sealant for a few revolutions it sealed the tyre enough to get me home. Today I remembered I'd bought a device to plug a hole in tubeless tyres and gave it a try......hells teeth it appears to have worked though it's not been tested on a longish ride yet!  

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