Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016......that's it gone, but not forgotten!

Monday on the final week of the year and Clive resorts to rollers as the weather is absolutely horrendous in a bid to reach his 8000 mile target, personally Barrie and I thought it was a bit underhand and he should have been out braving the elements!!!

Tuesday dawned and a much better day made a trip up the Pentlands possible though some of the descents were verging on the scary they were so greasy.

This was as much snow as we could find on Tuesday, it's been really mild most of the time.

Friday and Clive, Barrie and I are out to wrap up the yearly targets, we didn't actually bike through this quagmire though it gives an indication of the ground conditions in places.

Made it! Managed to reach the 6500 mile off road (mostly) all done on a mountain bike target I aimed for with a day to spare and Clive reached his target several miles later, though he wont thank me for pointing out that most of his miles were done on a poncey road bike!!!

A new Schwalbe Hans Damph 2.35 was fitted to the front of my steed today, I'm assured by those in the know that my front end grip will be phenomenal now...time will tell!

To anybody who reads this nonsensical witterings of a deranged Scotsman......
Happy New Year, have a good 2017

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