Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2017.....no mileage targets getting set this year!

Equipped with my new Gopro camera I set off on Tuesday to try it out and discover if the voice recognition it boasted on having could recognise a Central Scotland accent! Surprisingly it can though it remains to be seen if it will react to some rougher language when I come to grief now and again.  

Clive was there as well and posed for an obligatory picture.

Wednesday night and Marks last ride for some time, he's off to pursue his dream of becoming a microlight flying instructor, good luck to him and here's hoping he's ready for a tough Pentlands ride when he returns!
A start of another year and there'll be no targets set this year as last year the target kept getting extended until it actually became unenjoyable going out merely to get mileage rather than having fun!

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