Sunday, 18 December 2016

Barrie's comeback year!

Barrie takes his bow (well wave) today as he reached 3000 miles for the year after recovering from a double achilles rupture last year when he spent almost 6 months out of the saddle. Remarkably probably the half of these miles have been single speed which he credits his return to fitness with.
A timely reminder to give the sheep in the Pentland Hills the privacy they deserve as they get all romantic at this time of year!!!

It's hawthorn hedge cutting time again and thank goodness we've gone tubeless as the cutters spray razor sharp thorns everywhere!

I parked the bike beside this sign which warns that you could be in danger as this is or was a Military Firing Range, by the look of the sign someone's been taking potshots (successfully) at it.

And finally the sun shone for a minute or two on Monday when Kathy and I did the infamous winter loop which gets muddier every time you go down it.

The 65000 mile target for the year is beginning to look achievable if the weather holds, only about 140 miles to go, fingers crossed!

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