Sunday, 11 December 2016

After 11 months and 9 days I've reached 10,000 kilometres off road this year

The moment the target was reached, the pressures off to get there before the end of December and I even summoned up the strength to do a one handed bike lift (show off)

Kathy, who was there to witness the target being achieved without whose help I might not have made it, certainly without as many laughs along the way!
I should also include Baz, Clive, Dougie, Mark and Marc who've witnessed my many crashes, cuts and bruises, we've sweated and shivered our way through a Scottish Spring, Summer and now into Winter, sometimes getting completely confused as to which season it was such is Scottish weather.That's definitely the last target for this year.......well maybe I could try for 6500 miles..... 

And finally......why cant Mankind behave like the so called dumb animals in this world and get along with each other like these two swans and their best buddy a goose, I see them together every time I bike down the side of Glencorse Reservoir, mind you I've never seen a fox and a rabbit chatting away like the best of friends.....

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