Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hard frost one day.....mucky trails the next

Monday 23rd January, hard frost and no wind makes for good photos!

Tuesday and out on my own with the iphone timer getting used after some difficulty!

Friday and out  with Kathy again and its hard frost again after crappy mud the day before!

The river's running really low just now due to very low rainfall and snow so the crossing's a piece of cake!  

Sunday afternoon and we find two spent (we hope) bullets presumably left after some army manoeuvre, we didn't bother keeping them just in case!

The view from the top of Black Hill looking over to West and East Kip and Scald Law

The three amigos having a photo break or as Baz puts it "a rest!" Probably the truth!

A good weeks riding in cold conditions every day but at least it's been mainly dry with only the occasional wind higher up in the hills, some snow added to the beauty but not enough to make riding too hard.

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