Sunday, 22 January 2017

Up Black Hill in darkness and snow......not much snow addmittedly!

Strange weather for Central Scotland just now, instead of the usual gale force winds accompanied by rain or snow we're having virtually no wind, very slight frosts but cold none the less.
This was Baz this morning nearing the end of a 25 miler when his hands were so cold he had to change gloves (wimp!).I have to admit I'd probably have changed mine if I'd had a spare pair!

Monday, and out with Kathy who appears to know every runner we meet up the Pentlands, either that or she fancies a breather and a blether!

The two riders of the Apocalypse who we meet quite often on a Monday morning up the Pentland hills, when I'm too old for my bike it's either an e-bike or a horse for me, though I don't know what would be the more expensive!

Baz and I took on Black Hill in the darkness this morning and there was a slight covering of snow as we got higher. It was -2.5C along the summit though the frost helped rather than hindered us. The descent down the notorious "back passage" was pretty hairy with the darkness and frozen ground and a few descriptive words were heard at times, mainly from me, however we got to the bottom unscathed and surprisingly when we reached home I discovered my weekly total was 100 miles exactly!

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