Friday, 17 February 2017

Winter's never really arrived here this year.........yet!

Last Friday and I struggled to the summit of Hare Hill into a stiff easterly wind.....then got slightly lost on the descent!

Monday and the sun was shining again

The track along the side of the river Esk en route to Lasswade

This photo was taken by a friend with a "real camera" on Wednesday afternoon as he cycled over to meet up with Mark and me.

Another photo from the "real camera" showing me looking as if I knew what I was doing on the descent down to Bonaly Reservoir.

A bit later and Mark and me made it to the top of Hare Hill though it wasn't an easy climb up the muddy track.

The wind blew from the East for over a week and the weather was cold  and a bit miserable, however this week things have perked up a bit and the wind has veered back to the West again to make things slightly warmer again and we've even had a glimpse of the sun now and then.....we're going to pay for this.....

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