Sunday, 26 February 2017

Help!!! Winter arrived for a couple of days.....then left again!

The road along the side of Loganlea Reservoir on Friday morning when it looked as if winter was here for a few weeks!

The views were spectacular on Friday but didn't even last till Saturday!

A lot of disappointed skiers who thought the Pentlands would be good for the weekend!

On a different theme, I had to drill out the retaining pin that holds in the brake pads on Clives Tektro hydraulic brakes on his mountain bike and what better way to replace it than with a bent nail....CBE (crude but effective) at its best!

On Wednesday night winter arrived in Scotland with a flourish in the shape of a storm with the rather odd name of "Doris" not exactly terrifying but a storm non the less. By Thursday night the Pentland Hills were looking at their best covered in a blanket of snow so a ride up them on Friday was essential for some photos, just as well I did for by Saturday the snow had more or less disappeared and flooding was the next problem.
Baz attempted to jump the river after I'd nearly come to grief cycling through further back a bit, but over estimated his ability and nearly ended up in the water!

The overflow from Threipmuir Reservoir was going flat out and try as I could to will him to fall off for a better picture he made it through.....

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