Saturday, 11 March 2017

At last it appears to be getting a bit warmer, only needs to get drier now......

Out with Dougie a couple of weeks ago and the weather was starting to look up!

An old ruin up the Pentland Hills, I think whoever was the last person to live here will have been pushing up the daisies for a year or two now.

The view from the top of Castlelaw which Baz and me did for the first time in two years last week end, we did it again today and the track down we discovered is well worth the hard climb to the top.

The weather at last seems to be warming up and with nights getting longer Spring is in the air. The grass at the house is going to need cut in the next week or two but first of all the ground will have to dry a bit. All in all, Winter might still have a last go at us but the worst would seem to be over.......

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