Saturday, 19 May 2018

How to celebrate a royal wedding......visit Glentress on a sunny warm dry day!!

The camera's carefully(?) positioned and catches first of all Barrie and then me.

The start of Red Peril a trail we've never done before, steep and twisty it brought us out near the bottom of Deliverance, meaning there was a long climb back up to the mast again!

Barrie finishing Broon Troot and not a happy bunny as he'd gone for a fast time in ideal conditions but overshot a corner and reckoned he lost over 20 seconds
On Wednesday night Roger and I puffed our way up the long climb to the top of Black Hill, the first time up there this year.
A week of great weather and good biking, a first trip of the year up Black Hill in the Pentlands and then a Saturday morning visit to Glentress to escape Royal Wedding fever, new trails ridden in perfect conditions.


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