Sunday, 18 November 2018

The e-bike's opened up a new chapter in my mountain biking life!

Leaving Barrie toiling in my wake at the start of the climb up Black Hill, something I've not managed to do since he came back after a year out after rupturing both achilles!

Still climbing up Black Hill and the sun was rising, Barrie was still behind and I was marvelling at the power in my e-bikes electric motor!

After Black Hill I managed to convince Barrie we might as well do the summit of Hare Hill, and to his credit he agreed, again it was a breeze on Ernie the e-bike!

Time for a quick photo at the summit of Hare Hill before a hairy descent back down through the heather to the Howe and home for coffee!

I cant believe I can now do nearly 30 miles and over 2600 feet of climbing without really breaking sweat but at the same time enjoying every minute of the trip, I can now go out for a really tough ride and not worry about coming home dead due to putting too much pressure on my old body, I've even plucked up the courage to tell my other half that I'd bought the e-bike and strange to say she took it remarkably calmly, I reckon she's got something up her sleeve that she long as it's not an e-bike I'll consider it fair game!

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