Sunday, 25 November 2018

The e-bike goes to experiment in duration for all concerned!.

It had to be done and the sooner the better! Down to Glentress with Barrie and Dougie on Saturday morning to see how I'd fare and how the bike and the battery would fare with a few thousand feet of hard climbing at the main trail centre in Scotland. Barrie was desperate to use up as much of my battery power as possible so I'd struggle back to the cars with no electrical assistance on a bike that was twice as heavy as a normal mountain bike and Dougie was just Dougie, wanting to do as much biking as possible in his training for the Strathpuffer!

First up was the climb up Janets Brae and I wanted to see how far I could go on the Brosch emtb setting. I've always toiled on this long fire road climb before and couldn't believe how easy it was, so easy in fact I was able to speed ahead and film the two of them panting their way up, usually I'd have been well behind

Dougie treated us to a bit of skill riding the two skinny logs with Barrie willing him to fall off!


After going up then back down again and my battery power diminishing we eventually came to the top of the infamous Spooky Wood. It would be mostly downhill from here on and just as well as I was down to one bar left on my battery when we'd finished.
The final result was nearly 3500 feet of climbing, two pretty tired bikers on non e-bikes and me barely breaking sweat on my e-bike. A good mornings ride and interesting to see how much the battery could manage on a hard trip (as well as seeing how Barrie and Dougie coped alongside the e-bike)!

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