Saturday, 1 December 2018

Some hard climbs up the Pentlands...but not on an e-bike!

It's just starting to get light

Barrie and Dougie in the slog up Maidens Cleugh

After a descent down over some wet slippy routes there was another stiff little climb before we went down to Torduff Reservoir

This was the really brutal climb which even on the e-bike meant concentrating to keep the front wheel on the ground, Dougie to his credit managed to make it to the top on his bike.

Barrie blamed a hard shift at the gym last night for his failure to stay on the bike...there was absolutely no sympathy for him!!

It was hard to say here whether Dougie was pushing Barrie or Barrie was pulling Dougie!

Dougie and I had a coming together resulting in a rare off for Dougie, damn I didn't manage to catch him doing a parachute roll before I could get a picture!

Dougies choice off route today and he decided to torture Barrie as much as he could with a whole raft of brutal climbs, the e-bike can take them in its stride, I shudder to think what I'm going to be like if I go out on the Giant Anthem again, I'm going to miss that response from an electric motor quite badly!!

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