Monday, 25 March 2019

The snow's gone but it's hardly warm enough for shorts yet

The red flag flying at the top of Castlelaw means not that the Communists have taken control but that the army firing range lower down is being used! Fifty yards from the top I had to dismount a push through a deepish snowdrift!

Wednesday night and Barrie made a rare mid week appearance to bike with Dougie and me and the nights are definitely getting clearer, this was the approach to the dam at Torduff reservoir

The road back down the side of Loganlea reservoir was covered in frogs and some of them weren't shy to engage in a bit of frog porn, we resisted the urge to intervene in their moment of pleasure.....

Saturday and its time to get Barrie up to full fitness again as Dougie has talked him into accompanying him on a 100 mile+ bike ride in June so we got a bit of serious climbing in starting with the Eastside Farm climb into a strong headwind.

Sunday morning and I went out for a solo ebike ride on high mode up in the Pentland Hills and bumped into one of |Barrie's old university buddies, I took him down a trail he never done before and surprised my self by twice having to wait and let him catch up, the question is, is it the ebike effect or am I faster than I give myself credit for?!!

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