Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another epic morning in the Pentlands!

A week ago this reservoir overflow was 6 inches deep.

A long hard climb in muddy conditions up to West Kip.

The new track we explored today, with the descent to Loganlea reservoir in the distance.

Posted by PicasaBaz came to grief and kindly lay until I took the photo! The wood was treacherous by the way!

Just Baz and me this morning for our jaunt up the Pentlands with our aim today to explore a new track I'd been told about around the north side of West Kip. First of all, after the Castlelaw climb, was the mud fest back down toward Glencorse reservoir and Baz only just failed to clean it today (thank goodness!) with a one foot dab.The climb up to the track round West Kip was brutal, the track up was mud, mud and more mud but apart from a few technical dismounts(?) it was well worth it for the descent back down to Loganlea with the final part being particularly steep and rocky. On the way home we took a detour round a path we hadn't been on before and as Baz took a detour round a wooded section the bike went from under him on the wet greasy wood. Luckily he's not lean and mean at the moment, more of a quite well padded out body shape, and he bounced quite well as he went down so no harm was done! 30.5 miles this morning with the temperature never much above freezing.

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