Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spills and spills in the mud!

Just when Baz was comparing his riding style to Barcelona's footballing skills it all went wrong! I'd had a couple of dabs on an as yet un-named section of track up the Pentlands, when to the sound of a loud yell Baz disappeared into the mud for a full body plant, and he followed this up with three more for good measure! Not his best ride over this section which is really wet and muddy with all the recent rain but very entertaining in the dark to see his lights shining everywhere but down the track. We really must make up a name for this section, "muddy malarkey" being our best effort so far, (not very inspiring I know).
Anyways no injuries were incurred in the fun we had and we managed a very muddy 17.5 miles.


Pyatshaw said...

All I can say is "Serves you right" for being up there with very little light. What would mummy say? Do boys ever grow up?????

jeek said...

Do boys ever grow up?????

the answer is a very loud NOOOOOO!