Sunday, 3 March 2013

Clive has more comebacks than Frank Sinatra!

Clive makes to the top of the Castlelaw Summit Grunt segment. 

Clive looks fresh, Baz looks knackered!

Baz and me both claiming success at the top of the Grunt!

The three of us looking remarkably fresh near the end of the ride.

6am and Clive was on the comeback trail yet again after a recent hernia operation, which he assured us was "major surgery", but this was immediately ridiculed,(we didn't want him to have an excuse for a poor showing today!). As it happened he acquitted himself very well considering he's not done a lot of biking for a good few weeks. Anyway there was no way he was getting it easy, that's not our way, if there's somebody struggling then they get punished no matter what the excuse! Right to the top of Castlelaw summit followed by the climb to the top of Allermuir meant that there was no hiding place. We were out for over 4 hours and covered just over 30 miles for a great morning's biking.

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