Friday, 8 March 2013

This Strava hour riding thingy is becoming an obsession!

Clive and I,along with many others, are avid users of Strava to record our rides and recently enrolled on the latest stunt from them, Giro's Train Like Taylor Challenge, in which you endeavour to do as many hours of riding from the 2nd of March until the 17th March. I used to think I was a pretty well balanced, steady sort of a guy, but since joining this I've become totally obsessed with riding as many hours on my goddamn bike as I can. Every time I finish a ride and upload the result I'm immediately checking to see where I stand both in the UK and the entire world placings. Next day when I've checked (usually first thing in the morning!) I've fallen back down the ladder due to the fact that different continents of equally obsessed riders are putting in the hours while I'm asleep, this only leads to more obsession with getting back out on the bike to regain my former position in the placings!! HEEEEELP!! Must stop now......I'm off out on the bike for some more hours riding..........

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