Monday, 11 March 2013

This snow's gonna derail my Strava Challenge!

We stopped to watch an angler up to his waist in freezing water and wonder what the attraction in that was.....he was probably thinking the same about us.

Baz, about to disappear into a blizzard at the top of Bavelaw.

Baz and I went out about 12.30 for an afternoon ride in conditions that could only be described as atrocious,   a biting easterly wind, below freezing temperature and the occasional blizzard. In other words a perfect day for a Pentlands bike ride, it makes it so much easier in the summer (what's that in Scotland) when you think back to conditions like this! We managed a very cold 26 miles then I went out at 6pm with Clive to add some more hours on to my Strava Challenge. It was even colder on this ride but at least the wind had died down a bit and the ground had frozen making some of the ride actually easier. About 53 miles ridden in total and I've moved into the top 100 worldwide out of over 12000 riders, there's still a week to go but heavy snow today that looks like lasting most of the week could scupper my chances of retaining that position!

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