Friday, 12 December 2014

Winters arrived.....with a bang and a flash of lightning

2 days ago and there's some snow on top of the hills

Today and there's some more and this time it's a bit lower down

It's a wintry scene looking from the top of the shelter belt down to Glencorse Reservoir

Ice spiker conditions on the narrow road up the side of the reservoir

On Tuesday winter arrived in Scotland with a crash, bang, wallop! There were severe gales, heavy snow showers and to cap it all off , thunder and lightning. The east side of the country escaped the worst of the weather though it was still pretty fierce and when I set off to get some photos up the Pentland Hills today just after lunchtime the weather was pretty calm but an hour later there was freezing rain falling, why it wasn't snow, God only knows, because the temperature according to my Garmin was below zero! The Shwalbe  ice spikers came into their own on the packed snow that had been turned to ice in places, without them I'd surely have been off once or twice.

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