Monday, 19 October 2015

Bazs long ride back to fitness

After somehow or other managing to rupture both achilles at the same time Baz had an operation to stitch them back to his calves and was then sent home to wear moon boots for nearly 2 months.

Eventually the moon boots came off and he was able to do some light exercise with his physios approval on a turbo trainer borrowed from Clive

On Friday afternoon we did an easy, fairly flat 13 miler, though he still insisted on walking any slopes or slightly tricky looking sections! 

Looking reasonably confident cycling on a level, obstacle free section of track!

Bazs' fight back to fitness took a gigantic step forward at the end of last week with his first double figure mileage bike ride since his injury in June. He still insists on everything being with the approval of his physio (when did he ever listen to anyones' advice before!). We managed 25 plus miles over the weekend and even though his calves still look like a couple of balloons filled with water I'm confident we can get him back to the hills in a couple of months (or so!!)

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